The Cross Hatch Dispatch 5/18/09

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[Above, the whole Fingerman and nothing but the Fingerman. Below, the Dipatch, so help us God.]

  • Would you like to buy a poster that’s nothing but nudity?  Thank goodness Lucy Knisley (you may remember her from YouTube fame) and Erika Moen (of DAR) have made one!  The poster, which features lots and lots of naked bodies, will be available at the ladies’ convention booths this summer.
  • As part of its celebration of 2009 as “Year of the Comic Strip,” earlier this month the country of Belgium unveiled a giant reproduction of a TinTin comic, which boasts the title “World’s Biggest Comic.”  Brussels in particular is hosting a plethora of comic-themed events throughout the year. Year round, the streets of Brussels are peppered with comic-book related murals. However, there’s trouble in paradise: one of Belgium’s premiere comic writers, Jean Van Hamme, is nearing retirement, and claims that today’s crop of writers are extremely sub-par.
  • The winners of the big European Cartoon Competition have been announced, and the winning comics can be seen online.  The award ceremony, it so happened, took place in Brussels.
  • It’s springtime for comics in Germany as well: May 21-24 is the Mainzer Minipressen Messe in Mainz.  June 13-19 is the Prenzlauerberg Literaturfest in Berlin, as well as the Comic Festival München in Munich.
  • The first-ever Maine Comics Festival took place this weekend in Portland, Maine.  Thus begins the duel of the Portlands.
  • We started with naked, and we’ll end with naked: Bob Fingerman gets Internet video naked for his new books!  The things we do for comics.

–Athena Currier

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