Next Week’s is Funny With Timmy Williams 5/08/09

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[Above, one of these guys ate Timmy Williams.]

Remember how I sort of dissed on Tales Designed to Thrizzle #5 last week?  Well, last night I had a dream about an issue of Thrizzle that was in a sideways format and written by Art Spiegelman and illustrated by Steve Ditko (that’s crazy recluse Ditko, not the 60s Spider-Man version).  It was a really scary read (though I’m sure it was insightful and poetic as well)!  I’m sorry, Michael Kupperman, I shall never disparage ye again.  I did not know you had Freddy Krueger powers.  I hereby renege* my comments.

Nightmare Boogie-Men Make Comic Book


Dimmu Borgir?  I hope they write dialogue the same way they sing lyrics.  I think it’d go something like this**:

Dave***: Grrrooowaoooor roar roar roar!
Tom: Raaaaahhhrr rahr rahr rahr rahhhhr!  FUUUUUCK!

The article mentions that other scary metal bands will be making comics too!  Might I suggest a few?  The idea here is that they look scarier than the actual stories they are writing****:




Oh, Goodie
I put this up here because I knew the Crosshatch’s fan base is just rabid (rabid!) for Catrall info.  As if she wasn’t fake enough in real life, now we get Cartoon Catrall?  Also, I didn’t know Canada had the best-named TV station in the world!  TVopolis?  Awesome!

Hekmad The Horse!
So now we have McGruff to protect kids from kidnapping and Hekmad the Horse to prevent them from playing with Incendiary Explosive Devices?  Next I suggest Penrod the Porcupine to protect kids from eating broken glass and Mitch the Dust Mite to keep them out of porn.

Review: RASL #4
Jeff Smith apparently decided that his comic book isn’t confusing enough, so now there’s a magical retarded child walking around giving Rasl clues.  An interesting take on the “Cousin Oliver”™ formula (that’s when a series introduces a child to boost popularity; they’re normally not retarded though).  I kid, I kid!  This issue was great and sheds a little light on what’s going on by tying it into real-life dimensional mystery The Philadelphia Experiment.  I thought the art was a little lagging (the Lizard Faced Man looked a little off), but besides that, another phenomenal read from Smith!  I can’t wait until 2035 to read the next one!

* I spelled that right on the first attempt!  Boo ya!
**Sorry about the bite there, Bob Newhart.
***I sincerely doubt there will be a “Dave,” “Melanie,” or “Tom” in The Dark Fortress.  Sorry if I produced false hopes.
**** I assume they will come to the writing offices dressed in their get up.  I mean, I hope they do, that’d be awesome!  Right?

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