The Cross Hatch Dispatch 5/3/09

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[Above, taking out the recyclables with Kate Beaton. Below, curbside Dispatch.]

  • It’s not too late to be funny!  Big Funny, a comic anthology styled after Sunday funnies sections of old, has extended its deadline by a week—to May 8th.  Draw big, draw funny.  And please send an email to let them know you still plan to turn something in.
  • Can’t get enough robot sex?  Good news!  Jess Fink of Chester 5000 XYV, an erotic Webcomic about a horny Victorian lady and the robot who loves her, is holding a contest.  Those who come up with the best erotic robotic devices will win sexy prizes.
  • Ms. Fink is also selling her “Time Travel Memoir,” a 109-page book that depicts the author hurtling through her past in an attempt to right old wrongs.
  • The Internet is full of naughty little gems: “The Day After V-Day” is one.  This beautiful marker-drawn minicomic by Jordyn F. Bochon is available in its entirety online, but can also be purchased for a mere five bucks.
  • It’s never too early to start thinking about a Xeric grant.  Xeric is a Massachusetts-based nonprofit that doles out money to help cartoonists self-publish their work.  The next deadline is September 30.
  • This coming weekend is the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, from May 9-10.  The guest list includes: Joey Comeau, Meredith Gran, Scott McCloud, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Paul Pope, Seth, Adrian Tomine, and about five billion other awesome cartoonists.
  • This spring marks the third commencement for the Center for Cartoon Studies.  Jeff Smith is the speaker for this year’s ceremony.
  • Derek Kirk Kim’s “assistant” has released a video, explaining some of the secret stuff that takes place during the creation of a graphic novel.
  • The first run of Kate Beaton’s new book has officially sold out!  But no worries: a second run is being printed at maximum speed.

–Athena Currier

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