The Cross Hatch Dispatch 4/20/09

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[Above, Maria Forde draws a Sissy. Below, a well-timed bucket of Dispatch blood.]

  • Jon Adams is holding a fundraiser.  According to his Website, Adams was attacked last month by actor Gary Busey and had his endocrine system pulled out.  His goal is to raise one million dollars.  As of this dispatch, he has raised $265.
  • Walter Simonson, who has worked with both DC and Marvel on many series, talked last week with  Graphic NYC about how he “fell into” comics (and the Rhode Island School of Design), after beginning life as a geology major at Amherst College
  • This Saturday, April 25, is the Kids’ Comic Con in New York.  The event is held at the Bronx Community College, and lasts from 10:00-6:00.  It’s free to children 17 and under—and just five bucks for us old folks.
  • Hey, did you know that the Midwest Comic Book Association is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year?  It most certainly is, and you should go to this year’s Microcon Comic Book Party to celebrate.  The shindig’s happening on Sunday, April 26, from 10:00-4:00, on the Minnesota State Fair Grounds.  Tickets are $7.00.
  • Dean Haspiel is doing a reading from his Billy Dogma series, on Thursday, April 30 at the NEW Dixon Place in New York.  Haspiel’s reading is part of a larger Dixon Place event, Carousel: Cartoon Slide Shows and Other Projected Pictures.
  • Artist Maria Forde has a show up at Needles and Pens in San Francisco that lasts through April 26.  It’s called “Advice Portraits.”  Each piece features a portrait of one of Forde’s friends, as well as a written piece of advice offered up by the portrait’s subject.
  • Forget Minx: you know women have officially made it in the comics world when the Girl Scouts have a comics badge.  The scouts’ website has a description of what one must do to earn the badge.  Other badges include “Craft Sampler,” “Piece of Cake,” and “Butterflies and Blossoms.”
  • Harry Bliss, New Yorker cartoonist and author of the bestseller Diary of a Worm, recently released his first-ever solo book, Luke on the Loose.  Bliss is traveling the country to promote the book.  His next appearance is on May 2nd, in New York City, at The Strand bookstore.
  • So one time, James Kochalka had a dream in which he was playing a videogame—a game entirely of his sleeping mind’s creation.  The next day he made a comic about the dream.  Days later, a fan sent him a working version of this game.  The day after that, Kochalka made a comic about the real game. The Internet is a crazy place.  The game is available for free download.

–Athena Currier

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  1. Jon | April 20th, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    For the record, the fundraiser I’m part of is to benefit Dave Eggers’ 826 Valencia. I, unfortunately, get none of the money.