The Cross Hatch Dispatch 4/06/09

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[Above, Laura Park checks out a tiny office. Below, Dispatch forgets to clock in.]

  • Erika Moen and Dylan Meconis have an upcoming show at the Sequential Art Gallery and Studio in Portland, Oregon. It’s called Lady Parts, and in Erika’s words, “It’s gunna be b-b-b-b-BITCHIN.”
  • The FX Show in Orlando Florida is April 17-19. Expect lots of cast members from old Josh Whedon shows.
  • The Spring 2009 issue of Mome is out. It features a 30+ page story from Lilli Carre, as well as something by Laura Park.
  • The Minneapolis Cartoonist Conspiracy is collecting submissions for Big Funny until May 1st. Rather than mourning the demise of the (at this point, lacking) Sunday funnies, Big Funny aims to celebrate the birth of something new.
  • Cloudscape also has dying newspapers on the brain. Their upcoming anthology, Funday Sunnies, is a tribute anthology to old Sunday comics, and features work by a variety of talented artists.
  • Microcon (coming up in late April) wants volunteers. Sunday April 26 from 10:00-4:00. Who can resist the pull of comics and friendly Midwesterners?
  • SPX Stockholm is coming up, on April 24-26. (I.e., there’s still plenty of time to book that plane ticket…) Among the talent in attendance: American Jeffrey Brown, German Mawil, and British comics critic Paul Gravett.

–Athena Currier