The Cross Hatch Dispatch 03/23/09

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[Above, Erika Moen gets all blissful. Below, 50-percent of Dispatches end in divorce.]

  • This weekend marked the first-ever New England Webcomics Weekend, featuring a spectacular variety of Webcartoonists, a huge number of attendees, and a pub crawl.
  • Saturday, March 28, is the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing.  If you happen to be on that side of the Atlantic, you should check the thing out.  Tickets are 3.00 in advance, 4.00 at the door.
  • Julia Wertz has a new minicomic for sale.  It is about her brain, and it is only three dollars.
  • Erika Moen’s collection of DAR is available now on pre-order.  Farts and dildos abound.
  • If you’re in the mood for a more conventional convention, there’s a large con happening next weekend on each coast.  In the East, there’s the Boston Comic Con (Sat/Sun, 10:00-5:00, 180 Berkeley Street, $10).  In the West, there’s Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con (Sat 10:00-6:00, Sun 10:00-5:00, 800 Convention Place, $15-$30).

–Athena Currier