Guest Strip: Ben Rosen

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The diverse talents and interests of Benjamin “Ben’s-ya-friend” Rosen find a happy execution in his comics. Love, competition, friendship, disappointment, sports, heroism and awkward moments all blissfully lay out on the page.

His considerable storytelling ability is often put to work through his self-published series Insult to Injury, which he annually promotes at MoCCA.  The stories are so human and smart, that even as a high schooler he was impressing audiences and hustling a respectable sum of books.

The 8th issue of I2I was just released.  In it, he deviates somewhat from his fiction roots by collecting his more recent journal strips.  For this year’s MoCCA though, you can expect to see the first full issue of White Cat stories (his sad, often ignored not-so-super super guy), and a new book of journal strips.

Rosen was previously interviewed by the Cross Hatch HERE and reviewed HERE.  You can also view archives of his midnight-2am radio show “Rose Knows” by going HERE.


– Sarah Morean

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  1. jacob lyon goddard | February 13th, 2009 at 11:21 am


    Ben, we need to hang out soon

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