The Cross Hatch Dispatch 1/8/09

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[Above: With furry fury, Cerebus rides.  Below: News is gleaned by Cross Hatch spies.]

  • The Beat checks in with the comics glitterati for its annual year end survey, this time in three parts: Part 1Part 2Part 3
  • The former Blog@Newsarama crew, lead by J.K. Parkin, moves the party across town to their new CBR blog, Robot 6.
  • Daily Cross Hatch maestro Brian Heater talks to Forbidden Planet about the best comics of 2008.
  • Top Shelf’s Leigh Walton and Comic Foundry’s Laura Hudson launch the hubristic Cereblog, a dual critical analysis of Dave Sim’s Cerebus, issues 1-300.
  • Relive the thrill of Obama’s win running up your leg again with a free 20-page excerpt from ’08, the campaign travelogue by Dan Goldman and New Republic editor Michael Crowley.

– Laura Hudson

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