24-Hour Comics Day Tip Round-Up

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It’s 24-Hour Comics Day! And as any seasoned 24-Hour Comics Day experts will tell you, it ain’t easy. If you’re taking the challenge this year, you can make the most of your time by finding a strategy that works for you.  To help you get started, here’s a round-up of 24-Hour Comics Day tips from all over the web.

Kevin Cannon – This guy took 24-Hour Comics to the extreme and used the method to begin his first complete graphic novel, Far Arden, which you can read online.  The print version is due out from Top Shelf Comix next year. If anyone knows about successful 24-Hour Comics making, Cannon knows.
Highlight: Wait until you get home to erase errant pencil marks.

Zander Cannon – Speaking of Cannons: Zander Cannon has 3 24-Hour Comics under his belt, and though he claims each one will be his last, there is something about being thanklessly overworked that compels him to return each year.  His tips were freshly penned in anticipation of the 2008 challenge.
Highlight: Work cheaply with typing paper and other inexpensive materials.

24-Hour Comics Day site – Indispensable tips for hosting the event. (Yes, shut-ins, this can be a social affair.)
Highlight: Get emergency contact information from each participant, just in case overexertion proves master of the game.

Brian Kolm/Atomic Bear Press – Genre selection is often the best springboard for great 24-page comics, and Brian Kolm offers some ideas to let the brainstorming begin.
Highlight: Film Noir, 50’s futuristic, etc.

Itiban Comic Shop, Brazil – Interesting proof that 24-Hour Comics Day is a ubiquitous, world-wide event. This press release concentrates on this particular Brazilian 24-Hour Comics post.
Highlight: Ohio State University has a Cartoon Research Library that collects some international 24-Hour Comics Day books.

7000 BC Video –  For those who are visual learners, follow along with this helpful tip video from New Mexico-based indie comics group 7000 BC.
Highlight: Bring images for reference.

On your mark, get set, go!

– Sarah Morean

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