Nurse Nurse #1-2 by Katie Skelly

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Nurse Nurse #1-2
by Katie Skelly
Calico Comics

Current global tensions heightened by the human population crisis, the Ug99 epidemic, and Pixar’s latest creation WALL-E (arguably) set a suitable backdrop for Katie Skelly‘s lovely yet eerie futuristic comic series Nurse Nurse.

The year is 3030 and Earth has already met its maximum capacity. Humans are migrating to the interplanetary limits and living in artificial conditions just to avoid extinction. Unfortunately, some of these pioneers became poised by their new environments – so Earth sent out a circuit of hot nurses to rescue civilization!

The idea behind the nurses of Nurse Nurse is that technology can replace everything but tender lovin’ care. I’d say if a planet’s artificial environment isn’t working correctly, the series is more aptly implying that technology can’t replace Earth – but I’ll sweep that criticism under the rug in lieu of my appreciation for the fresh ideas and clever plot. This is the point at which “suspension of disbelief” is recalled from High School English classrooms and put to noble use.

Dressed in go-go boots and little mod-style nurse dresses, these girls look a little like Raggedy Ann if she grew up to be a tramp. They all have the button-like eyes, geometric nose, playful lashes and mop-like hair that made the face of Raggedy Ann an icon – but from the neck down everything else is cinched and svelte. These aren’t the kind of nurses you see on the bus in the morning on their way to work – plush at the edges and knocking together white sneakers for comfort – these are the nurses from your album covers and insta-Halloween costume packaging photos. And that’s alright. Mostly, it’s interesting that the main character – Nurse Gemma – is meant to be a hot, smart, nurturing alpha-girl, but she is treated like cog and gets mistreated and hasn’t yet been credited for the work she’s done. Apparently the year 3030 still needs a shot of feminism.

The plot is smart and innocent and the panels are well-designed and full of gorgeous detail. Skelly’s a wonderful comic artist. I really look forward to the continuation of this series. I heard #3 may be out by SPX next weekend. Here’s hoping! In the meantime, copies of issues #1-2 of her fabulous series Nurse Nurse can be purchased for $3 apiece through her Etsy shop.

-Sarah Morean

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