Cross Hatch Dispatch 8/26/08

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[Above, what’s that smell? Below, oh, just another Dispatch.]

  • Toon Books has a couple of cool titles on the way. Eleanor Davis introduces Stinky and Dean Haspiel and Jay Lynch present Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever. The releases correspond to some events taking place around NYC. First off on Sept 5th, at Desert Island (Brooklyn, NY), Davis and Haspiel will be doing a reading, signing, and launch party. The following night the tandem will appear at McNally Jackson, NYC, with special guests Francoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman. (Note: Mr. Spiegelman will not be signing. You can breath again.) Then Monday, Sept 8th at Jim Hanley’s Universe, Davis and Haspiel will do one more reading and signing if you miss the others.
  • The LA Times‘ Dave Strickler  has compiled an online database of every comic strip the paper has ever run. The database lists run dates and some details for every comic from August 21, 1904 to present.
  • James Kochalka redraws page 17 of Fantastic Four #9.
  • Barack Obama didn’t pick Savage Dragon as his vice-presidential running mate, but no love is lost from the ol’ green fin head. Savage Dragon, a former presidential candidate himself and no stranger to bad-guys taking pot shots at him, will give the Democratic nominee his full-endorsement on Sept 3, when Savage Dragon #137 hits newsstands.
  • Everything’s going digital, so it’s not a wonder that publishers are looking at a variety of models for delivering what you love most, comics, digitally.
  • Robot Dreams makes Oprah’s kids’ reading list.
  • Always wanted to see your favorite comics in the backdrops of your favorite TV shows? Now’s your chance!

–Jason Owen

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