The Cornucopiates #1-2 by Daniel Boyd

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The Cornucopiates #1-2
by Daniel Boyd
One Pound Fire

Daniel Boyd takes farcical look at bunch of food-themed superheroes in The Cornucopiates #1-2.

Salt-Teen is the latest in a string of sidekicks to the great Souperman of Gourmet City. In issue 1, Souperman takes all the glory in a fight against Acid Reflux while Salt-Teen merely gets delegated to crowd management. By issue 2, Salt-Teen is heartbroken to see his sister Asparagirl advancing through the ranks, earning motorcycles, while all he’s entrusted with is a business card.

Life seems pretty disappointing to go-getter Salt-Teen until the Tenderizer breaks Acid Reflux out of prison. Pretty soon there’s plenty of villainous butt to kick, and enough to go around. It seems that Salt-Teen’s opportunity for advancement in the Gourmet City’s superhero biz has finally come. Or, I assume it will in issue 3 since issue 2 left off on a bit of a cliffhanger.

The artwork is pretty, with a concentration on intense eyes and great-looking noses. However, the art in issue 1 is considerably more wrought and detailed and better-produced. It’s weird to see a turn in that direction, so one must assume time constraints. Issue 2 did come out for MoCCA after all.

The books are 15 pages each and measure 5.5″ square. Black and white art is arranged on the page in a four-square grid. Each cover has a single dark color printed on a cream-colored card stock page, and they are twice stapled and neatly folded. The books are available through the One Pound Fire store for $3 each.

Sarah Morean

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