The Cross Hatch Dispatch 7/1/08

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[Above, Spider-boy finally subdues Indie Comics-man. Below, the defeated Dispatch]

  • Y Kant Tori Draw? Find out when Image debuts the new Tori Amos comics anthology at Comic Con.
  • Costumed superheroes + overzealous Kazimir Strzepek + Flickr = Kazplay!
  • Rutu Modan makes her NY Times debut.
  • Elijah Brubaker films himself drawing his fantastic mini-comic, Reich. It’s a truly orgasmic experience.
  • Stephenson’s in, Larsen’s out at Image. Whither the Savage Dragon?
  • Still need Comic Con tickets? eBay has you covered. Maybe…
  • Graphic novels: the breakfast…the podcast!
  • Hey gumshoes, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew are coming to your cell phone, comics-style.

–Brian Heater