Mathbots by Blake Sims & Aaron Brassea

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by Blake Sims & Aaron Brassea

Mathbots is a fun, short collection of quickly-drawn comics about a group of numberbots and their diabolical counterparts the functionbots. It’s about as good a mini-comic as there will ever be about math, so if you’re into math, pay attention.

The main story gets its momentum from a new development, the Square Rooter, which can alternately empower or destroy numberbots depending on the bot’s number. The functionbots seem totally unbeatable since they make all the rules, but by the end they’re taking blows with the rest of the ‘bots. It’s all just a matter of cunning.

The art is simple black line art on white pages. Everything was taken straight from a sketchbook and hasn’t been finessed, but it’s clean enough that it reads well. The handlettering is sloppy-looking and childlike, but it fits well with the style of a hastily-made sketchbook comic and it’s surprisingly easy to decipher despite all that.

Mathbots is 24 pages long with black line art on white copier pages. It’s available through the author, Blake Sims.

-Sarah Morean

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    hey, i totally wrote that math bots story!

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    thanks for updating the info!