Insult to Injury 7 by Ben Rosen

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Insult to Injury 7
by Ben Rosen

i2i7Last year I wondered what would happen to my favorite high school cartoonist when he grew up and joined the college nation. It turns out he just got funnier, hipper, more expressive, and more productive. I kind of wonder if Ben Rosen hasn’t been studying enough during his Freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts & Sciences. He’s come out with more comics in one semester than he did over two years in high school. Still, while academia’s loss is this comic reader’s gain, let’s just keep it under our hats that Papa Rosen’s money isn’t funding a bright future in English Literature for his son Ben – it’s really just helping him write better comics.

His long-running series Insult to Injury (I2I) has recently grown larger with the release of its seventh issue, and I’m calling it the best issue ever. Rosen’s creative storytelling is moving into previously uncharted water, yet with total ease he’s using more personal narrative, hipster buzz, and comedy than ever before. He’s still stomping on the familiar ground of crushes and awkwardness, especially in the primary story “100 Cookies,” but there’s definitely a lot more going on in this issue to get excited about.

First off, this comic adds a number of personal touches that hold the reader’s attention and offer a laugh. Rosen himself is drawn in as a Mister Rogers narrator-type, guiding the reader through several unrelated comic stories about a crush, youthful imagination, meddling heroism, and one naked college experience, among others. The back page cites what must be a fake inscription by the author’s mom. Still, it’s hilarious, so let me quote it now, “Oh, and if you wanted to see a talented author faint, just mention blood in front of my son. Or club drugs. He drops like a sack of potatoes. That’s my boy.”

The artwork is getting better, but it’s still not the awe-inspiring reason you want to pick up I2I. It’s the writing, foremost, and the way Rosen pairs the writing with the panels. He’s got a good eye for communicating through comics and he spins interesting plots. As a cartoonist, he’s got a lot going for him.

Rosen has patented and banked the black and white guts/color cardstock cover, so the fact that it may seem unoriginal is truth totally subordinate to the fact that it suits him just fine. I2I 7 is 36 pages long and contains about 9 stories. With so many separate stories to introduce in this book, Rosen plays a lot more with unique display fonts that are a lot of fun to look at and must have been a lot of fun to draw.

Well, that word pretty much summarizes things. Fun. Insult to Injury 7 is simply, totally, fun. It’s $3 and can be obtained by contacting the creator in THIS MANNER.

-Sarah Morean

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