The Cross Hatch Dispatch 4/1/08

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Al Jaffee’s two heads

[Above, the two-headed Jaffee. Below, snappy answers to stupid Dispatches.]

  • Paul Maute, a substitute teacher in Paterson, NJ is looking for a few good comics. Well, they don’t necessarily have to be good or even in good condition, but he is looking for anyone who can donate comics to do so, to provide children in grades K-8 with some reading material. So far, he says, the response has been “overwhelming.” You can reach Paul here.
  • Shooting War‘s Dan Goldman has licensed his new comic, Kelly, under Creative Commons, allowing anyone to use the work anywhere on the Web, as long as they don’t profit off of it. Says Goldman: “I enthusiastically encourage all sorts of Kelly sharing/mixing…”
  • Al Jaffee, who just completed his 400th “fold-in” for Mad, was profiled by The New York Times.
  • A documentary of Jeffrey Brown recently aired on Canadian television’s SexTV. You can watch the segment on their site.
  • A new Speed Racer TPB is coming from IDW. The publisher plans to hold on to the mythos of the past Speed Racers, while simultaneously taking the character in a bold, exciting new direction.
  • They’re a little behind, but NPR has finally discovered comics. This short, articulate article highlights the growing number of established authors trying their hand at the graphic novel genre.
  • In Portland, April means comics. The city’s mayor announced a month-long celebration of comics culture, declaring April Comic Book Month.

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–Jason Owen