Cross Hatch Dispatch 03/11/2008

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[Above, panels from Sam Henderson’s Magic Whistle. Below, your humble guide…]

  • KGB Bar is hosting its’ annual Easter Comix Reading. Full of laughter and a sip of drama, the festivities start at 7pm March 23rd. Scheduled to appear: Julia Wertz, Liz Baillie, Sam Henderson, Jason Little, & Tom Hart. Oh, and there’s no cover, but “refreshments”, i.e. beer, is available.
  • Animation Invasion! The New York Animation Society ASIFA- East has announced the dates for 3 screenings in March of student, sponsored, and independent animation films. To be held at the School of Visual Arts, members cast their votes for their favorite films. Democracy in action!
  • Also in the world of animation, the “Women’s Side of Sex: Animated” event will be held March 22 at the Millennium Film Workshop. This event highlights women film makers exploring the sexual side of life.
  • Jeff Smith’s Bone was acquired by Warner Bros. to produce a movie. Whether we see the people of Boneville in live-action, or animated has yet to be decided.
  • Shocker Toys brings your favorite (at least some of them) independent superheroes to super-poseable, miniature scale life. Their new Indie Spotlight will produce such characters as Jim Valentino’s Shadowhawk, Rob Schrab’s Scud, Terrry Moore’s Katchoo, David Mack’s Kabuki, and many more, and that’s just Series 1. The figures are due out June/July ’08.
  • The first images for Watchmen have been released. At least Nite-Owl doesn’t look like a big brown turd walking around the set. Gasp! Ozymandius has nipples. Please don’t screw this up.

-Jason Owen