Comic Book Club: State of the Industry Summit

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Comic Book Club

Sure as a member of the sketch troupe Elephant Larry and the creative director of the People’s Improv Theater, Alexander Zalben is a funny guy, but as a great listener, he’s also the place where members of the comic book world turn, when we have issue. And as you can imagine, we have plenty.

Alex, perhaps we can address two problems that I’ve been having, as of late. Here they are, in reverse order of importance. Firstly and least importantly, despite my surging popularity with readers aged 13-47, I have nothing to do next Tuesday night. Secondly and therefore more importantly, I am looking for some kind of forum, or perhaps even some manner of club which might shed some light on this foreign world of sequential art. Also: couches.

Brian, I have good news for you, and some bad news. First of all, I
host a show called Comic Book Club every Tuesday night at 8:00pm at
The Peoples Improv Theater, 154 West 29th Street between 6th and 7th
Aves. The show is a live comic book talk show, featuring guests from
the worlds of comedy and comic books. We often draw guests from all
age brackets, and across the gender divide. And this very Tuesday,
we’re having a “State of The Industry” summit, with some of the best
comics bloggers in the blogosphere. The bad news is, we don’t have
the couches anymore.

In a stroke of dramatic irony on par with the greatest works of Sophocles, I just happen to be one of the guests on the aforementioned summit, and as such will likely be doling said information, alongside our old pal, Heidi MacDonald and fellow comic critics Kiel Phegley and John DiBello.

Catch all the magic this Tuesday at 8 PM, for the low, low price of $5.

And while we’re plugging awesome CBC events, don’t forget to catch the incredible Nick Maggy lineup on March 25th: Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese), Chris Duffy (Bizarro Comics), and Dave Roman (Teen Boat).

More info on CBC here.