Cross Hatch Dispatch 3/4/2008

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[Above, a page from the Inkspot Chronicles. Below, the infamous Dispatch.]

  • Stumptown Fest sells out. The demand for exhibitor tables has been incredible, selling out a day before the “early-bird” specials flew the coop.
  • Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is hosting a fundraiser with a launch party for the Best Erotic Comics 2008. The event will be held at Parkside Lounge, 317 E. Houston St. in NYC. The collection features work by some of today’s top talent and will have comedians there to “act-out” these wild fantasies. Titillating!
  • Plagiarism runs wild at Vertigo. The publisher is in some serious lawsuit trouble, OR this guy has way to much time to play with Photoshop at work.
  • Out later this year, The Inkspot Monologues, from The Friday Project. The book chronicles a therapist’s attempts to help Jack and Alice “exorcise their unsuccessful romantic relationships.”
  • Brian Andersen does Perez Hilton. The artist commissioned a piece for Hilton’s site and Hilton gave a shout out to Andersen’s own So Super Duper site.
  • The 2008 Glyph Award Nominees have been named. The Awards honor the best in black comics and creators.

-Jason Owen