The Cross Hatch Dispatch 2/26/08

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Dupuy and Berberian

[Above, Dupuy and Berberian in the big apple. Below, Dispatch in and of itself.]

  • Mexican photographer Dulce Pinzon is helping to redefine the way we see heroes. They may just be ordinary people like you and me, but to their families in Mexico, these people are real “heroes.”
  • Garfield sans the big orange cat. Artist Matt High explores/re-envisions the classic strip in a hilarious, slightly depressing style.
  • The ComicsReporter needs your help. The website is compiling a database of all things comic related, based on major metropolitan areas. Promote yourself. Promote your friends. Promote your enemies and make them your friend.
  • Adolf Hitler loves cartoon mice. Newly discovered drawings reveals the dictator’s fondness for cartoons.
  • The World of Quest is coming to Kids’ WB. It starts March 15 at 10:30 AM, so you can still sleep in.
  • A walrus-sized interview with Harvey Pekar.

–Jason Owen