The Cross Hatch Dispatch 2/19/08

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King Mob

[Above, Grant Morrison sure knows how to crash a party. Below, the moped-free Dispatch.] 

  • Grant Morrison will be a guest of honor at this year’s New York ComiCon. Tickets are available at ComiCon’s website in daily and weekend passes.
  • Following up on last week’s report that Daniel Clowes’ Mr. Wonderful was ending its run, the NY Times has the entire strip available to download from their site in PDF format.
  • Nickelodeon Magazine’s “All-Comics Special” hit newsstands on February 5th.  You can find work from Mike Mignola, Klaus Janson, David Mazzucchelli, and more. The issue, however, rests the spotlight on James Kochalka and Mark Martin, who created two of Nick Mag’s most popular comics.
  • The Mice Templar will be available as a “daily” comic starting March 3rd. In collaboration with, the highly popular and acclaimed series joins Powers, Darkness, and Invincible in Newsarama’s Daily Comics.
  • Gilbert Hernandez has put up a new comic on myspace: Manga.

–Jason Owen