Cross Hatch Dispatch 02/15/2008

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[Above, Adrian Tomine’s cover for his “not for sale” mini comic Scenes From An Impending Marriage. Below, say hello to the Dispatch]

  • ¬†Keep up with all things Adrian Tomine at his new website. (via Claudine Ko)
  • It’s the latest polling craze. Let Alan David Doane know about your comic book buying experiences, and you just might end up with a free stash of comics.
  • Political cartoonists are already sharpening their pen nibs for the latest slate of presidential hopefuls. Check out this fascinating NPR discussion about Hillary Clinton’s apple cheeks, John McCain’s cherubic countenance, and much, much more.
  • McSweeneys updates TinTin for the 21st Century. (via Alison Bechdel)
  • Anne Thalheimer of Fleen is “quite taken with” Cameron Stewart’s web comic Sin Titulo. I second that emotion. (via Fleen)
  • Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet, Flight anthologies) and Kean Soo (Jellaby) did a joint bookstore signing and Q&A in Toronto last week. Here’s Chris Butcher’s report.
  • Brave New World comics bookstore takes a unique approach to creating a comics community–by stoking the flames of love. Chris Butcher reports on the success of Comics Singles Night, held last friday at the California bookstore.Newsarama has posted the first few pages of scientist cartoonist Jay Hosler’s latest book Optical Allusions, which follows the adventures of a walking, talking brain, and teaches you about how your eyes work and all sorts of things about natural selection and evolution.

-Elizabeth Chou