The Cross Hatch Dispatch 2/03/08

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Chris Ware

[Above, Attention New Yorkers: Chris Ware is in town. Below, Dispatch.]

  • Alan Moore got some serious web attention this week.  In this Youtube documentary, you can see that yes, Moore is a weirdo, but you know, an awesome one.
  • And when you’re done with that, read his first issues of Swamp Thing for free!
  • Speaking of free, The Comics Journal posted three classic interviews on their site, making everyone who bought those back issues on ebay this week to leave negative feedback.
  • The Danish National Library is archiving the 12 controversial Muslim cartoons that caused all that trouble a couple years ago.  Don’t shoot the messenger!
  • Incase you didn’t catch it on CNN or MTV, the last Y The Last Man  this week hit this week.
  • Tired of not being recognized for your mini-comic genius? Submit your work to the Stumpdown Comics Festival.
  • And, oh yeah, this is happening soon.

–Ben Gold