The Cross Hatch Dispatch 1/29/08

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Adam Koford

[Above, I can haz trade paperback? Below, Diz Patch.]

  • Ryan Heshka has an art exhibit at his Secret Headquarters in LA. Well, they’re not really his secret headquarters, he’s just sort of making a cameo. The exhibit stays up through March 5th, with Heshka present for the February 1st opening reception.
  • R. Crumb original art fetches over 100K at auction. The price tag sets a couple records: first for the most anyone has paid for a Crumb original and second for the most anyone has paid for an underground original, ever.
  • Scott McCloud will be welcomed as the keynote speaker at “SPLAT! A Graphic Novel Symposium,” on March 15th at the New York Center of Independent Publishing. Click here for a more extensive list of speakers and more information.
  • Molly Crabapple is putting on a Demimonde show. If you’re familiar with her work, you know it tends to get a bit “hot.” Opening February 8th at Arena Studios, the exhibit will be up through April 4th.
  • The Arrival wins Best Comic Book Prize at Angouleme. The cover alone makes it a must buy.
  • Speaking of awards: the Harvey ballot is now online

–Jason Owen