The Cross Hatch Dispatch 1/22/08

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Evan Dorkin

[Above, come for Evan Dorkin’s lost Eltingville pilot, stay for the Deathklok. Below, viva la Dispatch!]

  • Let the Word War begin! ComicsPRO’s recent paper, Publisher Convention Sales, states their aversion to publishers selling copies of their books at conventions, before they hit the stands at retailer shops, tensions may escalate between publishers and retailers.  Hit up The Beat for reactions and responses to the paper.
  • KT Tunstall dishes on her love of comics and her new comic-inspired CD Drastic Fantastic.
  • Zac Snyder, over at The Watchmen movie blog, posted some nifty little storyboards. Apparently, a newly added appendage to his body, they never leave his side.
  • Slave Labor Comics has collected the first six issues of Gargoyles, that ahead-of-its-time cartoon from the mid-90s, into a trade paperback. The new stories from the series’ creator Greg Weisman, continue the incredibly compelling, thought-provoking stories that never saw fruition when Disney cancelled the show in 1996. sounds off on the difficulties of telling these stories now: trying to tell new stories while catching new readers up to speed.

 –Jason Owen