Cross Hatch Dispatch 1/8/08

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Shannon Wheeler spouts off on his artistic technique, his new collection of comic strips and “the most surreal comics offshoot in history: the Too Much Coffee Man Opera.”

  • Herb Trimpe is on Myspace. He does the art for Part III of The Goon, but check out the other two parts to get the full story of the missing “pecker.”
  • PLAYBACK:stl talks with Shannon Wheeler, creator of Too Much Coffee Man. There’s talk of Wheeler’s new project Screw Heaven, When I Die I’m Going to Mars (sounds delightful) as well as the first opera based on a comic.
  • The Comics Reporter interviews Francoise Mouly, who is self-publishing a new line of children’s books (in comic format, of course). With the looming fear of comics fandom dying out, will this venture help bring in new life-time comic readers?

Jason Owen