The Cross Hatch Dispatch 12/28/07

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Comics will always be controversial.  I mean, if we’re talking about genre comics, it’s not too difficult to see why—violence, scantily clad women, etc—but what about indie comics?  Are they too poignant?  Too earnest?  Or is it, as Marjane Satrapi thinks, that we just don’t get drawing?  Who cares, it’s almost News Years!

  • And check out the new trailer for Persepolis. How bad do I want to see this movie?
  • The New York Times always manages to be just a little behind the times, in terms of hipness. Example: some teachers use comics as teaching aids! Also: some parents don’t like that!
  • Okay, it might not have the best name, but Midnight Fiction is shaping up to be one of the Web’s best mini-comics resources.
  • It’s about time Europe has access to the same dirty comics as the United States.

–Ben Gold