Happy [Belated] 50th Birthday, Peter Bagge!

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Tom Hart

I first publicly declared my only vaguely creepy platonic love for Peter Bagge in an interview with the artist, back in 2005, conducted in conjunction with a Spin article I was writing on the first issue of Apocalypse Nerd. Since then, I’ve had the the pleasure of interviewing him handful of times. Bagge was amongst the first round of interviews conducted for The Daily Cross Hatch.

He’s also let us pick his brain subjects ranging from the death of Kurt Vonnegut to his involvement in the creation of Buddy Bradley-branded rubbers to the closing of the Weekly World News for which Bagge created a strip based on the life of the mythical Beyonce-loving Bat Boy.

Peter Bagge turned 50, yesterday. In lieu of purchasing that novelty grim reaper reaper mug we’ve had our eyes on, down at the local Spencer’s gifts, we’ve opted to cobble together some testimonials from some of our friends and mutual Bagge admirers, beginning with Buddy Bradley portrait up top, sent in by Hutch Owen artist, Tom Hart. Gushing testimonials, near-limericks, and inside jokes provided by Jeffrey Brown, Julia Wertz, and more, after the jump.

So, happy birthday, Bagge. We promise to be more prompt for number 100.

Jeffrey Brown
Top Shelf Artist

Happy birthday to Peter Bagge, a nice guy and a great cartoonist, who I regrettably usually fail to mention when I’m talking about the alternative comics that got me interested in this business in the first place. I’m sorry, Peter, forgive me…

Host, Indie Spinner Rack

Happy Birthday Peter! Thanks for all the Hate and teaching me that comics can be abstract hilarious energy fueled raw adventures!

Eric Reynolds
Fantagraphics PR Head

The funny thing to me about Pete turning 50 is that I’m now the exact same age (36) as he was when I met him. I realize that’s only interesting to me, and maybe Pete. But it’s an interesting marker. Happy birthday to one of my best pals.

Julia Wertz
Creator, Fart Party

If wishes and butts were clusters of nuts, we’d all have a bowl of granola! Happy birthday, jackass. Thanks for all the help.

–Brian Heater

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