Posta-Rica: Bad News on the Interview Front

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Hey all. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, and a special thanks goes out to Sarah M, who helped helm the Hatch while I was out of the country. I spent the week in Costa Rica, succumbing to car crashes, stolen cameras, customs officers, bad Internet connections, and constant rain—still, as far as vacations go, I’ve certainly had worse, and I seem to have improved my Spanish level to that of a three-year-old.

For those who are interested in such things, I posted some photos on the same Flickr account I’ve been using for Cross Hatch purposes. Comics-related dealings over the course of the trip were, unfortunately, limited to a Spider-Man piñata, a picture of Mickey Mouse on the side of a bar in San Rafael that suspiciously as if it had been painted by Kaz, and the bizarre appearance of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Lenore pins in a San Jose hobby shop.

So the bad news: while I returned in one piece, I can’t say the same for my tape recorder. In fact, after scouring my bags repeatedly, the thing doesn’t appear to have returned at all. Whether it was stolen or left behind, I can’t say, but I’m–perhaps stupidly–holding out hope that I left it in a hotel room and might actually see it again some day.

Far more important that the street price of the thing is what’s on it. The final parts of interviews with Rutu Modan, Nick Abadzis, Evan Dorkin, and Cory Doctorow, as well as the entirety of an interview I did with a living comics legend, late last week.

I bring this up here not to lament its loss, but rather to apologize for the fact that I most likely won’t be running interviews for a little while, and those that were left open-ended will likely stay that way.

Anyway, we’ve all got a lot to be thankful for, myself included. A big thanks goes out to all of you readers out there who have helped make The Daily Cross Hatch into the comics blog success story that it’s become this past year, and I promise that there will be a lot more interviews in the near future, once this whole recorder situation gets straightened out.

Now back to work.

–Brian H.

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