Indie Spinner Rack #100 is Live

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Indie Spinner Rack 100

A couple dozen cartoonists walk into an aquatic fowl-themed Bushwick bar. A healthy amount of alcohol is imbibed. The results are recorded by a duo of comic podcasters celebrating the significant milestone that is episode 100. I will happily state, for the record, that as both a member of the studio audience and an impromptu interviewee, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It was fairly clear that everyone else in attendance—save, perhaps, for one cartoonist’s young spawn, who loudly bawled at the sound of co-host Charlito’s voice (for the record, Mr. Phil, cohost number two, largely played the role of the silent straight man)—thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as well.

I can’t actually say the same for those who listen to the recorded output of the event, however. I haven’t actually had the wherewithal to listen to the thing yet, though I’m told by Mr. Phil that there was enough quality stuff recorded to comprise a solid podcast, despite the fact that the first 50 minutes of so of content—considered by many in attendance to have been some of the best recorded in the session—were accidentally deleted, thanks to technical issues. Also, Sarah Glidden couldn’t be there, because she apparently sliced off her arm or leg or something.

Still, there are certainly a fair share of golden moments, including an earnest interview with The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Charles Brownstein, bartended Julia Wertz’s laundry list of the night’s events, and an ample number of obscenities shouted by those aforementioned drunken cartoonists—the baby was gone by that point, I think, but heck, even if he (she?) wasn’t, she (he?) was, as mentioned before, a baby, and babies are pretty dumb anyway, right?

The results of Indie Spinner Rack’s centennial have now been posted, for your listening pleasure. If the show plays out in chronological order, I’m the last interviewee of the night, which, of course, also means that I’ve had the most time to consume alcohol, and am therefore surely the most interesting (I’m sure the fifteen-plus minutes that I spent going off on a tangent about one dude’s CBGB shirt have been left on the ProTools cutting room floor, right? Right? Actually, if my whole damn segment ended up there, I wouldn’t be too hurt or shocked.)

For full enjoyment of the show, I highly recommend that you devise a drinking game involving the consumption of a shot every time an audience member shouts “retarded boners” (surely the first time that phrase has ever appeared on this hallowed blog—thanks Julia and Liz Bailie). It’ll be just like be a member of the studio audience.

Thanks again, Charlito and Mr. Phil. Hopefully by the time 200 rolls around, we’ll all have cleaned up our respective acts, right? Right?

Happy birthday, gentlemen.

–Brian Heater