Cross Hatch Dispatch 10/19/2007

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Chicago-based cartoonist, illustrator, and now filmmaker Lilli Carré (Tales of Woodsman Pete) is touring her animated short films. Along the way she picked up a prize for Best Narrative Short for How She Slept At Night. Catch her shorts at a festival or watch them online at the Cinevegas festival site and Carré website.

The next Comic Book Club show will be Oct 23 in NYC. DCH’s Brian Heater and HBO Comedy Arts Festival’s Baron Vaughn will be the guests! Unfortunately, it’s not broadcasted anywhere–it’s like one of those old fashioned type shows… so you gotta actually be there… in person, to see it. Just making that clear.

Ready for that special comic drawing and writing challenge? You’ve got either 24 hours or 52 weeks. Take your pick.

Box Social is an underground comics exhibition currently showing in a waterfront warehouse space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY until Nov. 8. There’s no list or description of what will be shown, but you can probably trust the taste of the curators, who are Jason Estrin, Sarah Glidden, Julia Wertz, and Ronald Davis Brandt. Here is a flickr page with some photos from the exhibition.

Drawn & Quarterly has gone brick & mortar, and the grand opening is today!

Matt Madden just started a gig writing comic reviews for Bookforum.

Comic Sanz is a grab-bag blog of short comics that requires minimal commitment, but plenty of amusement each Sunday.

The brouhaha over David Michaelis’ biography of Charles Schulz is a molehill and should be treated as one, so why don’t we focus more on the insightful review by the great Bill Watterson?

Congrats to Adrian Tomine on tying the knot. I believe that’s why he was not at SPX last weekend to promote his new book Shortcomings. I couldn’t find very many details about it other than the quick mention in the Gothamist interview.