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Tom Kaczynski (MOME, Vague Cities, Transatlantis). This was his first year at FallCon.

The Midwest Comic Book Association puts on two great conventions each year: the larger, glitzier, FallCon and the smaller, more exclusive, MicroCon. If you haven’t been to either, don’t worry. This post includes every important thing you missed from last weekend’s FallCon.

I’ve never been called fashionable and my hair is always a bit ratty, so people with good hair tend to impress me. In the weeks leading up to FallCon, I ran into a few cartoonists getting ready for the show. It seemed as though every one of them had that “I’ve just rolled out of bed looking greasy, careless and fabulous and all I want to do is draw comics” look.

It made me wonder if the cartoonist lifestyle lends itself to good-looking hair (for those who haven’t yet gone bald, I mean). Perhaps the stereotypically gawky, hygiene-free, loner cartoonist is unwittingly under-washing, under-dying, under-styling and under-cutting their hair into a beautiful wild mess of shine and curl. Shirley Temple, eat your heart out.

I decided to report on this convention in an unconventional way: by trolling around for the most impressive hairdos and giving those artists’ second art (appearances!) some time on the Daily Cross Hatch. It is, after all, the most I have to give.

Jennifer Menken (Tiki Olympics), Matt Gockowski (The Rise & Fall of Duck), Lewis Tuck (Craneon)

Brett VonSchlosser (Do You Have the Runs), Scott Beaderstadt (Trollords), Megan Smith (The Good Minnesotan)

Tom Richmond (MAD magazine), Tim Sievert (That Salty Air), Tim Erickson (Death’s Whisper)

Thomas Anderson (Kiss Comic Book Posters), Tyler Page (Nothing Better), Jon Sloan (Sa-Bom Jim)

Brandon Wind (J.V.), Danno Klonowski (Manly Tales of Cowardice), Matthew Kriske (Muscles & Fights 2)

Philip Moy (Power Puff Girls), Chandra Reyer (The Siamese Fighting Fish)

It should be noted that I did not ask any of these gracious models how they manage their ‘dos. The secret to successfully beautiful hair deserves to remain a cartoonist’s mystery.

Sarah Morean

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  1. Matthew Kriske | October 9th, 2007 at 7:17 am

    Sorry to be a pedantic son-of-a-bitch, but my name is “Kriske” (sans the n) Sorry to correct you…

    Cool post though.


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