Cross Hatch Dispatch 09/14/2007

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By day, Derek Yu is an indie video game maker. By night, he is an indie comics maker.

Starting this weekend, get ready for four months of Daniel Clowes in the NY Times Sunday Funny Pages. Clowes seems to be keeping a tight lid on details for the new serial titled “Mister Wonderful,” except to say that it is a romance. Also, catch up on the last week of Megan Kelso’s run of Watergate Sue from this summer.

Ignatz Award Nominees are announced.

This homemade Wonder Woman sweater will give you the ability to fly, lift heavy monsters, deflect bullets, and stay warm. Just kidding, except for that last thing.

I don’t have a web link to Guapo Comics & Coffee today, but that’s because their Myspace account was destroyed by a hacker recently, according to a PSA from Sparkplug‘s Dylan Williams:

Some sad news from my good friends at Guapo Comics and Coffee. Sad because they are a small business, like Sparkplug and run their business because they love comics and coffee and art. Hopefully they know that there are hundreds if not thousands of people out there who care about them and their store. Please read and pass it on:
Dear Friends..

A hacker recently destroyed our Guapo Comics & Coffee myspace. Now he has set up a new fake myspace under our name. Please do NOT accept his friend request. There will be NO GUAPO myspace for now and the immediate future. I will notify you in person when and if we do set up another account. If you can help spread the word that any and all Guapo myspace accounts are fake, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Keep an eye out though, because Guapo Comics seems to be working on a new website. You can also visit their comics store and cafe in person if you’re in Portland.