James Kochalka, Movie Star

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 James Kochalka Movie Star

James Kochalka wears many hats. He’s a cartoonist, children’s book author, rockstar, and parent. Soon will add another to the list, treading down the path blazed by R. Crumb, Harvey Pekar, and Beyonce Knowles before him, all the way to the silver screen. Saturday’s American Elf strip [pictured in part above] revealed Kochalka’s soon-to-be-realized Tinsel Town ambitions. The exciting—if vague—news seemed like the perfect excuse to bust out The Hatch’s patented—if lazy—single-question interview. You know how the old saying goes, though: ask a single question and you get a single question answer. All that and—well, just that, after the jump.

How much can you tell us about this movie that you’re in?

Oh, I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about it.  However, I am  allowed to draw anything I want about it in my diary strip! I’m not an actor, but being lead singer in a rock band is kind of like acting, and role-playing with my son is kind of like acting. I’m especially excited that I’ll be acting with Liza Weil in my  scenes, who played Paris on The Gilmore Girls.  That’s pretty much the greatest show of all time, I laughed and cried during nearly every episode I ever watched. Here’s the website for the film.

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