Cross Hatch Dispatch 08/31/2007

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Dave Kiersh has got some good comics (above) at his newish blog. And boy do we have a giant dispatch for you today.

  • Drinky Crow is a go!
  • There’s something about cupcakes and comics. They go together.
  • James Kochalka, the American Elf, has out a new children’s pictures book from Random House called Squirrelly Gray. The main squirrel unintentionally brings color into the world. Check out the animated trailer Kochalka produced for the book.
  • If you’re a New Yorker or you’re planning a trip to the big apple, you might want to skip the late night talk shows and try to get the $5 tickets to the Comic Book Club talk show instead. It’s not broadcast or anything, but it is a group of knowledgeable comic fans and guests talking about everyone’s favorite geeky topic. The weekly show has been running for about ten months, and it has been featured in the NYPress and the New York Times. It is brought to you by the same people who do the Pulp Secret Report podcasts.
  • “What is a graphic novel?” If you’ve recently found yourselves wondering that, the Goethe-Institut is here to provide an answer. The German-Canadanian perspective and well-rounded selection of artist profiles, news, and “tips” guarantees that you’ll learn something new. (via Immonen Illustration Inc. blog)
  • Anthony Bourdain reads comics. Harvey Pekar is vegetarian and didn’t know Bourdain existed until he was contacted to be in an episode of a travel show. They do a comic together.
  • Blab 18 website offers a peak at the issue. (via Newsarama)
  • DC Conspiracy sends out a call for Yeti Loves Seamonster comics.
  • Unable to contain themselves, D&Q shows off an upcoming project 9 months before it comes out: Seiichi Hayashi’s Red Colored Elegy. It seems to be an underground comic from 1970s Japan.
  • These are more than just howto comics. They capture that feeling of a summer with a lot free time to do science experiments and make all sorts of cool toys. (via Newsarama)
  • The ambitious and immersive A.D. New Orleans has been receiving plenty of coverage because of the second anniversary of Katrina. It is a particularly relevant and unique way of keeping the memory of the event fresh.
  • St. Wall Skull, with its slightly cryptic name, is the purveyor of excellent comics blogging and regular roundups of choice links!

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