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If you’d like to have your mini-comics reviewed by the Daily Cross Hatch, I’ve set up a PO Box in Minneapolis for that purpose. The box will become active on Saturday, September 1, 2007. Try not to send anything so soon that it will be returned to you by the Post Office. Do send treats and bribes. Don’t send illegal substances. Do send beautiful hand-made books. Don’t send chain mail. The Daily Crosshatch reserves the right to not review your materials. Please send us your best work. All mini-comics will be reviewed by me, Sarah Morean, but if you have a severe problem with that or secretly have a crush on Brian Heater, I can maybe forward something along at the expense of my deflating ego.

The Daily Crosshatch
PO Box 3629
Minneapolis, MN 55403-9998

Read on to get the latest comics news to break in the city of Minneapolis.

Maybe you’ve all forgotten about the collapse of the 35W bridge in Minneapolis that surprised America earlier this month. I remember it quite well because it happened on the day I moved back to the Twin Cities. I drove over it in a moving truck within hours of its fall. So did my boyfriend, his parents and many of my friends. Nobody I know was hurt in the accident on the bridge, but elsewhere there was another very serious accident under which some in the Cities still groan.

My dear friend Eric Lappegard decided on a whim that he would leave Minneapolis and head for the west coast to make his home in Portland. The news surprised me, but it seemed like a good change for him. Eric has always been an enthusiastic bike rider and didn’t own a car. Even during the mean, frigid Minnesota winters he still pedaled around through the snow.

We were both from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was in Sioux Falls that Eric taught me to draw my first jam comic. We met through comics, but Eric’s interests, creativity and kindness made him an important person in many different circles. Portland would have been lucky to get him, but on the way there with his cat, he had an accident in the car he was driving. Eric suffered injuries to his spine and after a 2+ week struggle, he died.

SchmapplesEric was a bike messenger, artist and International Cartoonist Conspiracy member. These groups and more are rallying together on Saturday, August 8, for Eric’s family and his memory. The goal is to raise money to pay off the enormous debt incurred due to medical bills and to celebrate the things he loved. A number of us have put together an anthology called Alley Cat: Cats on Bikes with Ninjas that will debut at the Schmapples Tribute on September 8. Schmapples was a favorite nickname of Eric, and he used the moniker also as a title for his daily webcomic. A Schmapples collection is also being printed at a low cost with volunteer funds and it will debut at the show as well. Check out the schedule of events laid out HERE on the Big Time Attic Blog and try to come out for the celebration/fund raiser if you can.

I love Minneapolis. I’m so happy to be back. In terms of comics, it’s a very friendly environment. The Minneapolis College of Art & Design churns out quality comic artists each spring. One of the best alternative comic shops in the country, Big Brain Comics, carries a huge selection of alternative titles. Nick at the Source Comics & Games along with the Midwest Comic Book Association puts on two great cons each year that miraculously don’t charge creators for table space, draw big crowds, keep the artists fed for free and foster a truly friendly relationship between local cartoonists. The International Cartoonist Conspiracy meets ~2 times a month to draw jam comics and work on graphic novels (I’m hooked on Far Arden which can be read in-progress HERE). Notable cartoonists include Vincent Stall, Zander Cannon, Sam Hiti, Tom K, Tim Sievert, Will Dinski, Tyler Page, Taki Soma, JP Coovert of One Percent Press and, arguably, Neil Gaiman.  The Comics Reporter has also compiled a list that can be found HERE.

If you need an excuse to visit Minneapolis, I recommend the Schmapples Tribute on September 8, or Fallcon on October 6-7. The most current guest list can be found HERE.

–Sarah Morean

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  1. danno | August 30th, 2007 at 11:07 am

    I’d like to visit this fabled city.
    …oh wait…i live there.

    And I encourage EVERYONE to tell people they know about the ERIC LAPPEGARD tribute.

    Either way, great write-up of this town I love.
    And AWESOME bridge-collapse drawing.
    …I mean…as awesome as something like that can be.
    The night it happened I walked down to see what I could see and had the thought: “I wonder what people with decency are doing right now?”

  2. BiGTiME | August 31st, 2007 at 1:26 pm

    Go Minneapolis!