Cross Hatch Dispatch 8/15/2007

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  • Late add: 24seven 2 release party today in NYC at the Village Pourhouse on 64 3rd Ave and 11th Street. Bring yourself and your robot friends (Bender, perhaps? It is open bar from 6-7pm, after all).
  • The warning cry of “You’re offending someone!” more than applies to poor Gordan Lee, a comic book store owner who was arrested three years ago for handing out a comic book containing a nude picture of Pablo Picasso to a 9-year-old-boy and his 6-year-old brother. Lee was charged with two misdemeanors after his heartfelt apologies were rejected by the mother. Lee was set to go on trial Monday, but apparently it got too hot in the courtroom.
  • Meathaus is offering a 20% discount on its distro inventory, which they seem to be liquidating in preparation for future site re-org.
  • When Laura Park‘s back hurts, the world comes to her aid. Mostly it’s sympathetic fellow scribblers drawing from their vast pool of experience in hunched back-itis.
  • Here is a pretty looking interview with Ray Fenwick. I do not know who he is, but now I want to know. (via Flog)
  • Cathy Malkasian continues to elicit lots of love for her recent release Percy Gloom, this time from the large hearted boy. (via Flog)
  • Bill Griffith, Gilbert Hernandez, and Rutu Modan will be among the guests at SPX this year.
  • And just another in a long string of friendly reminders: Toronto Comic Arts Festival is this weekend, August 18-19!

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—Elizabeth Chou