Cross Hatch Dispatch 8/10/2007

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I’m just getting back into the swing of things. Here’s a bunch of links I missed this week:

I haven’t really figured this out technologically, but now you can get Jeff Smith‘s Bone comics on your cellphone.

Jody Franklin engages in an email interview with Joe Matt, and then takes him to task for ignoring some of her questions. She scored a phone interview with him after that!

The AV Club does a pop culture Q&A with James Kochalka. Meanwhile, Kochalka’s entry in the book Taking Things Seriously, gets a special mention in the New York Times.

As always, BoingBoing has some great comics-related posts: Ivan Brunetti almost draws Nancy and Cory Doctorow recommends The Homeless Channel and Alice in Sunderland.

Wouldn’t I just love to be in Toronto, Canada next weekend. The Toronto Comic Arts Festival will be going on from August 18-19, 2007. There is a a really nice lineup of guests.

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