Guest Strip: Kim Deitch Pt. 4

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Kim DeitchLike countless others in his profession, Kim Deitch is a collector. Had, for some reason, he been unable to parlay his artistic leanings into a career for the past four decades, it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine him as the owner of an antique store, in some cold New England state, a jovially verbose shop keeper, with a story to match every item in his store that you might stumble upon during a casual mid-afternoon browse. The stories might change, slightly, but all contain some essential nugget of truth, which makes each a million times more exciting that the initial inanimate object gathering dust on some poorly lit backroom shelf.

To a large extent, Deitch’s upper east side apartment serves the same purpose, and for every story the artist imparts, there are a handful of items he can produce to better illustrate the point at hand. Every object has a million stories, and each are connected in some way that only makes sense when accompanied by Deitch’s explanation.

The artist collects music—but even more than that, he collects stories about musicians. When I asked if he had plans to write a book on the subject, he produced The Cop on the Beat, The Man in the Moon and Me, from his forthcoming book. Sometimes the stories speak for themselves.

[Part Three can be found here.]

Kim Deitch

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