While You Were Out: Dispatches from Beyond SDCC 2007

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Cross Hatch Con 2007

A few tips for all of those attempting to start up comic conventions in their own neighborhoods. First, and perhaps most importantly, don’t hold your convention the same weekend as the San Diego Con. Also important: invite some creators and have people set up booths, and you know, sell stuff. Advertising is good too—and oh yeah, one other thing: there are probably better places to hold it than your backyard in Queens.

Suffice it to say, the first-ever Cross Hatch Con was a slightly less rousing success than the 120,000-odd people that packed the San Diego Convention Center, this year.

Liz made it out to Comic Con 2007, and will be filing a report shortly. As for my own, well, I sold one autograph to a neighbor, who took pity on me, as I sat out in the rain—after I dropped the price down to fifteen cents. Oh, and I had to cancel the dance party, after eating too much zucchini bread.

We spoke to a few cartoonists who also didn’t manage to make it out to southern California, this year. Their reports, after the jump.

Evan Dorkin: Sarah and I spent the time not going to SDCC working on story breakdowns and artwork for a series of short animated segments for Yo Gabba Gabba!, a children’s show premiering on Nick Jr. next month. And painting the kitchen. There’s a barrel of excitement.

Tom Hart: I taught the last couple of days of the intensive SVA cartooning class for high schoolers, along with Lauren Weinstein and Keith Mayerson. We
had 40 kids making complete 10 page comics in 3 weeks. Absolute mayhem, but eveyone was up to the task, and the work was tremendously inventive. Kids these days have internalized so much more than previous generations ever had at 16, I believe. Biggest surprise: Roz Chast’s daughter was among the students. For Saturday and Sunday, I’m getting caught up on my strip.

James Kochalka: While everyone else was having fun at the San Diego Comic Con, I was freaking out. I’ve been working on this theme song for some Disney cartoon called Who Shrunk Daniel Funk, and it’s kind of stressful. I wrote a super catchy song, and then had a conference call with like ten people who picked it to shreds. Also, there’s a lot of legal issues that are stressing me out. I’m “exclusive” to Rykodisc, so I’ve got to get their permission before I can officially do this Disney thing, but I’ve already started the Disney thing. Anyhow, that was just the first day or so. The rest of the time I’ve been chilling out with my family, going to the beach and stuff. I went to see The Simpsons Movie with my parents in Springfield, VT. It wasn’t the world premier, it was one week later, but it was still cool to see The Simpsons Movie in the real Springfield, especially since it’s my home town.

–Brian H.

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  1. Elizabeth Chou | July 30th, 2007 at 12:55 am

    Hey, those look like collectible, limited edition comics. You sure you want to let go of those so easily?

    I’m sorry I missed out on your con. It would help if you announced it a little sooner next time!

    I’ll post up what I did at SD Comic-Con soon. I have an unseemly number of comic books now.

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