Cross Hatch Dispatch 7/26/2007

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|             ..=..         | , You will lower your shields and

|    \\=//   //-=-\\        |    surrender immediately.

|   //o=o\\  __\-/__        |   Or we shall incinerate you.

|    _\~/_  /   \nU \       |

|   /  \nU\ |   /\  |       |


My computer is going crazy, so I can only handle ASCII art today. This one’s from an ASCII comic strip called Starship ASCIIprise. Enjoysss. (btw, the formatting might be screwed up, so check out the link).
Now that Warren Ellis and Heidi MacDonald are twittering SD Comic-Con, I get why people do it. Twitter, I mean. It’s sort of like note-passing in class. Perhaps we’ll get a peek at hotel room down time and line-waiting shenanigans.

The Beat‘s Heidi is reporting from the field that Jeff Smith‘s new series RASL is getting a lot of buzz at SD Comic-Con.

Hmm. Osamu Tezuka? Sperm? Clockwork Orange?

Is the Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons prepared to meet some hipster comic bookstore competition? Danial Clowes, Art Spiegelman, and Alan Moore will guest starring in an Oct. 7 episode, with Jack Black as the hipster comic maestro of Springfield’s newest comic bookstore Coolsville Comics & Toys.

If you like some history with your comics, here’s a good one: Notes of a Japanese Soldier in USSR.

This just in: Comics Reporter is awesome.