Looking for Writers, Webcomic Edition

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Guess what? We’ve been neglecting webcomics. Sad, we know. There’s a ton of great stuff out there, but we don’t really have the time to look at it. We’re looking for someone who can devote themselves to the space–and hey, if you happen to be an artist yourself, all the better. Check the qualifications, after the jump, and spread the words.

Story pitches. Listen, there are a ton of blogs out there that do the industry news thing far better we could ever pretend to. The Beat, Newsarama, Journalista, and The Comics Reporter all come to mind.
Voice/humor. Again, the AP does the AP better than we could ever begin to AP.
Free-time. The thing we lack more than anything else. This blogging world moves at a breakneck pace. Please be able to do at least two posts a week.

If all of these apply to you, please send a brief bio, and a list of your daily webcomic reads to: dailycrosshatch@gmail.com. Submissions will also be accepted in the form of good vibes and puppy dogs.

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