Briefly: Peter Bagge on the Death of the Weekly World News

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Peter BaggeFor nearly 30 years, Weekly World News has been the paper of record for shift-eyed conspiracy theorists and paranoid house wives. While the majority of its American tabloid peers have seen fit to focus on standard celebrity gossip, WWN has refused to back down from the day’s important issues, like Bigfoot, space aliens, and really fat cats. When we heard the recent news of the paper’s closing, we couldn’t help but get a bit misty-eyed, so we called our pal, Peter Bagge, who spent two years chronicling the exploits of the paper’s most famous creation, Bat Boy, to say a few words.

All few of them, after the jump.

So Sayeth Bagge: From the moment WWN hired me back in ’04 it was obvious the were going out of business.  Why else would they hire me?  Ha ha.  Seriously, though, my editor told me that most of their former advertisers where the same people that spam all of us on a daily basis, so why bother paying for ads?

A fitting eulogy, if ever there were one. Godspeed, fair Bat Boy. 

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