Jeremy Tinder is an asshole by Jeremy Tinder

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Jeremy Tinder is an asshole
By Jeremy Tinder 

This is funny. 

Jeremy Tinder is an asshole looks like a Garfield parody and could probably pass for one.  When you think about it, Garfield is kind of an asshole.  He’s always sassing Jon, annoying the neighborhood with his tap-dancing and shipping Nermal away to Abu Dhabi.  Garfield’s pretty cute but he can be a real jerk.  It seems that Jeremy Tinder wants you to know the same goes for him. 


He may write sad, introspective, pitying comics.  You may think him a heart-sick wanderlust.  But really, this is the guy who stole money from an eight year-old’s wallet to buy a video game, and you’d know that if you read his 35th mini-comic.

The print job is great.  A layer of glossy black ink adds an interesting texture to the matte cover color.  The interior is black and white, 16 pages total.  Each comic art page is set up with three panels neatly centered.  Everything looks really clean. 

The art is typical Tinder quality minus some of the lovely understated backgrounds he’d usually work into any story longer than three panels.  These comics are very concise and equally dialogue and plot-driven, which leaves little room for trees.  Tinder’s actions often injure as much as his words and those are the highlights he continually (painfully, humorously) hits.

I think the title’s all false advertising though.  Jeremy Tinder can’t be a total asshole, because I happen to know he’s also secretly in love with you.*

*See Black Ghost Apple Factory


Sarah Morean

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