Guest Strip: Kim Deitch (Pt. 3)

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Kim DeitchIn order to properly illustrate his new project to me, Kim Deitch pulled out a handful of old leather-bound books off his shelves, old Victorian novels by Dickens and Thackery, and Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson. What the three editions have in common, beyond acting as stunning evidence of one the artist’s many cultural obsessions, is the inclusion of illustrations, all commissioned by the authors, and in the case of Thackery’s Vanity Fair, draw by the writer, himself.

As Deitch began to contemplate the meaning of a graphic novel in the time leading up to this new book, he found himself drawn back to these early prototypes—each a more literal representation of the name. The author’s forthcoming book, created in conjunction with his two brothers,  lovingly embraces this idea of a ‘true’ graphic novel, playfully leaping between full-on on paneled pages and more marginal artwork, existing amongst a sea of text, the latter best illustrated by the third page in the Kim-only contribution, The Cop on the Beat, The Man on the Moon, and Me.

[Pt. Two is here.]

Kim Deitch

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