Hey Pais #2 & Let Me Show You Them by Paisley the Cat

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Hey Pais #2 & Let Me Show You Them
By Paisley the Cat
A Sara Bauer Production

Two very short minicomics were sent my way by Sara Bauer, who cohabitates with Paisley the cat and “the guy” in Chicago. These playful slice-of-life comics about a house cat are simply drawn and simply adorable. They read quickly and deliver just as fast. The best part is that Hey Pais is ongoing and these minis represent just a few of Paisley’s silly, interesting stories.

The minis I received were printed up primarily as freebies or cheap sample books for recent comic conventions. Each cover attractively features a simple illustration against pastel color cardstock, but the page count lacks something.

At 12 pages and under, I found myself wanting more from my mini with nowhere else to turn. However, the comics did pique my curiosity about Paisley’s ongoing tales, so it seems that the books have met their purpose.
Hey Pais would make a nice webcomic. It’s easy to absorb and get into, just the sort of thing you could read at work during the brief moments between checkups from a supervisor. Once heypais.com is functional and it can be enjoyed at the impatient click of a button, I think it will have found its perfect space. Until then, Sara keeps the updates fresh on Paisley’s livejournal.

I really appreciated all references to the band Pavement, for which the comics have earned 80 imaginary bonus points. The perspective of cat-as-author was also a nice touch. To get this across, the panels have been shrunk to include just Paisley’s space and imagination (a la Peanuts or Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Other Observations), reducing “the guy and the girl” in his life to little more than a pair of legs. It’s cute and kind of dorky to imagine that a cat would write a comic about itself. If cute and dorky is what you’re into, you’ll probably be into Hey Pais.

Sarah Morean

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