Cross Hatch Dispatch 6/7/2007

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Today’s picture is from Still Life by Chihoi, published by Electrocomics.

Our regular contributor Sean fixed his eagles eyes onto Neil Gaiman‘s blog yesterday and spotted this bit of what might be rumor-confirming news from the man himself:

Lots of people have asked, and as soon as I can say something a bit more definite I shall. For right now, I can probably say that Guillermo is still executive producing Death (as I mentioned here), I’ll be directing, that it certainly appears to be on the way to happening, and that no, the actress who would be playing Didi has not been cast although I’ve met some of the possibles.

Well, at least we know the intentions are real. But we haven’t seen the money, or at least a listing on imdb.

Summer reading listmakers are catching the comics train. Both John Hodgman (for the NYT) and Philadelphia Weekly writer Willa Rohrer recommends Kim Deitch‘s Alias the Cat, and NPR‘s Glen Weldon not only recommends but gives you a few preview pages into Mouseguard, Scott Pilgrim, Phongram, and Plain Janes.

There is obviously no shortage of comics to read online, but I’m not complaining. Many of the comics on Electrocomics are book-length and the cast of creators look like a somewhat international bunch. Many of the e-books are without words, one is about waiters, and all of them look enticing. (via Comics Reporter)

The students at CCS are working on Sunday, an anthology of their work, and previews are here.

I can’t remember where I found this one, but these mole comics light up my life, and yours too.

Rough cuts, greatest hits, Craig Thompson‘s blog is a virtual treasure trove these days.

Herriman political cartoons. Go vote!