Cross Hatch Dispatch 06/05/2007

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It’s time to get dispatched! (Image excerpted from Koni Waves)

You’ve probably heard the story about how two kids, Kamaal and MalcomWashington, sold over 90,000 comics to raise awareness about diabetes, winning them awards and mucho news coverage. But that’s just part of the story. They learned from the best—their father Alonzo Washington also made the news a few years ago. For the past ten years, he’s been self-publishing his Omega7 comics about superheroes who fight the kinds of crime that come straight off of the city beat headlines–school shootings, racism, police brutality, drugs, gangs, and so on. All the while, he actively uses his comic books to to bring awareness to under-reported crime in the African American community. Here’s an excerpt from his myspace page (slow-loading page):

I am a activist and comic book creator. I want to help fight crime all over the world. If you don’t want to be a snitch and work with the police contact me. I will get your tip through and make a difference in the cases you may know about. Criminals are given power when good people do nothing. Help me take that power away from them. Contact me with your tips email me at: ( or call me at: (913) 321-6764. To buy my comic book visit or call the same number. Only call if you have a tip or want to purchase some comic books. Let’s get to solving crimes. Give me a tip and I will Holla at Cha! And remember IT’S HIP TO GIVE TIPS! PEACE!

Now that’s really sticking your neck out. Move over immolating black superheroes and supporting female characters in suggestive poses. Here comes Omega Man, Original Woman, Mighty Ace, and Dark Wolf!

Canada-based Arcana Studio publishes Koni Waves, a comic set in Hawaii and written by a couple of guys living in New Jersey. Aside from the long distance thing, this comic actually looks like a fun read. It has a female heroine, with sort of a dark past, tackling supernatural cases that delve into island folklore and mysticism. The Hawaii Star Tribune has a an interview with the book’s creators. Jaded Expressions also has an interview and and some preview pages.

This creators of this site put all the fanciful scientific babble of comic book lore, not to mention a nerdy comic book collecting habit, to good use by rounding up panels that make references to chemistry elements into a tidy little periodic table. They refrain from runaway references to Krypton, instead presenting a rather well-rounded collection. (via The Eye)

Nominations were announced yesterday for the Harvey Awards. Meanwhile, Drawn & Quarterly‘s Aya and Exit Wounds were also nominated for the Quill Awards, “the only book awards to pair a populist sensibility with Hollywood-style glitz” (it’s a televised literary awards event!). Most of the categories are judged by a panel, but Book of the Year is people’s choice. Yay books!

Ahh, you can tell these comic book creators really tidied up their workspace before the photographer came and took their pictures. The Artist Within from Dark Horse looks awesome anyway. I’m curious to check out the pages on Adrian Tomine, Peter Bagge, Robert Crumb, and Art Spiegelman. A few such as Jack Kirby, Los Bros Hernandez, Kevin Eastman, Moebius, that guy who did Rocketeers, and lots more are available for a peak in a flash preview, as well as a simple jpg preview. (via Boing Boing)

The Speed Racer live-action Mach 5 is unveiled, and it looks exactly as I thought it would look—like an oversized hotwheel toy!! While we’re on the topic of toys, might I add that this stuffed toy version of the Pupshaw is adorable!!