Peter Bagge Talks Rubbers, TDHC Has its ‘Family-Friendly’ Status Revoked For Good

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Peter BaggeWhen you run your own comics blog and happen witness a spectacle like the one at left, courtesy of BoingBoing, the first thing you do is slap on your intrepid reporter cap (in our case, a modified Burger King crown, with a small piece of notebook paper bearing the word ‘press’) and fire off a note to Hate artist, Peter Bagge.

In retrospect, the only thing surprising about the existence of a Buddy Bradley condom is the fact that it’s only coming out now. After all we are talking about the guy who brought the world Grunge pencils, currently enshrined in Seattle’s Experience Music Project, so that future generations can learn the true meaning of dirty flannel. After the break, an incredibly brief interview, exploring alternative comics’ reservoir tip.

What’s the story with the Buddy Bradley condoms?

The company that made them, Condomania, wrote and asked me if I would design a condom for them. So I went with the choice obvious and gave them that Buddy icon. If you go to their site, you’ll see other artists have done the same thing already. That’s it! End of story!

Are there any products that come to mind that you wouldn’t want Buddy’s likeness to grace?

No. In fact, I once tried to get his likeness on a can of pepper spray, but it didn’t work out for some reason.

Do you use Buddy Bradley condoms or at least encourage others to do so?

I’d like to encourage people to buy them. After that I couldn’t care less what they do with them!

That’s all, kids! We’re quick, but we get the job done. Now break out the Ballard Bitters, dust off the old copy of that first Leonard & The Love Gods EP, and let someone know that you really love them, Jersey-style.

–Brian “Don’t Call Me Stinky” Heater

PS. Okay, my birthday is over, but if you were holding out until you found the perfect gift, it just arrived.

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