Cross Hatch Dispatch 5/10/2007

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It was a slow week, but still, it was good.

  • One way to show that you’re cool is by setting your screensaver to show Daniel Clowes comics. It’s sort of like wearing a band button, but even nerdier. And by nerdy, I mean cool.
  • Giant Robot posted up signing table pictures of Jeffrey Brown with his famous shadow beard, along with plenty of spectacular photos from APE 2007.
  • I haven’t talked to Andre 3000 lately (hey ya!), but he seems to like his comics. Dawud Anyabwile contributed to an “endpage” for Andre’s Class of 3000 animated series. And Kyle Baker is working on the hip hop artist/budding thespian’s Christmas special, according to a Villager interview I found via The Beat.
  • The Beat reports on this year’s Xeric grant winners, including links and samples of each person’s work. Among them is Kevin Colden, who is just fine with getting the honor, since he declined his grant money for the Fishtown comic that he just launched online.
  • Late Add: Craig Thompson’s new blog. (via Comics Reporter)